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How Williams Family Hierarchy Goes Awry

My grandfather had 5 boys who are referred to as ‘The Brothers.’
There are 16 years between the 1st brother and the last.

Each Brother had 2 or more children who are referred to as ‘The Cousins’.
Because of the 16 year span between ‘The Brothers’ there are the ‘Older Cousins’ and the ‘Younger Cousins’.

‘The Cousins’ kids are referred to as ‘The Grandchildren’ and the children of ‘The Grandchildren’ will be referred to as ‘The Greats’
Yes, I’m labeling them ‘The Greats’ right now.

….. With 1 exception …. And this is where The Williams Family Hierarchy Goes Awry….

My (Older) Cousin Danny has 3 daughters who are around the same age as my sisters and I and though they fall into the category of “The Grandchildren” we have always referred to them as ….. Cousins ….. (the ‘Younger Cousins’ specifically) And so their child, who are actually ‘The Greats’ are in the category of ‘The Grandchildren.’
But no matter how the hierarchy may unravel…

We Are Family!

To connect 2 layers (like when you look at O in affinity, the middle of the o is transparent and the color is only in the o part – and they are impossible to break apart when converted into curves)

Select both layers and click on subtract at the top (sometimes clicking on add works – no idea why.)

@GentleDental in South Portland, Maine.
Me: Why does your Capture Video icon look like a Pregnancy Test?
Them: Sounds like we’re all numbed up.

4 Day Weekend – Because we didn’t have power

Keira’s what I did this weekend letter:
4 Day weekend

I’m not sure how much Keira is going to remember, but here goes.

We woke up without electric, which Keira probably didn’t realize because my husband got up early and turned on the generator. By the time Keira got up the house was warm and the lights were on.
We had chocolate sugared donuts for breakfast and then went over to Nana Papa’s where Keira played in the basement, what Keira calls “Downstairs with toys” until about 9pm that night – all the time, very very happy. We had Burger King for Dinner with Nana and Papa. We went home that evening and again the generator was running so we had lights and heat. I don’t think Keira realized there was any issue.

We started the generator again in the morning because we still didn’t have power, but since there wasn’t any internet we had chocolate sugared donuts for breakfast again and went back to Nana Papa’s. In the afternoon, Nana brought the girls ‘Pretty Bra Shopping’ a very be deal in our family.
During pretty bra shopping, CMP messaged informing us that we had power – YAY!

Up early, had chocolate sugared donuts for breakfast and headed to Nana Papa’s (because honestly, I had spent 3 days getting my parents cable situation straightened out and that spectrum guy was not leaving their house until my father had a working DVR.) Anyway, after Papa got his DVR, my sisters and their kids joined us, than Nana, Papa, Mommy, Riley, Keira, Aunties and Cousins when to Pumpkin Fest!
Pumpkin Fest is really a little too young for Keira, but she had fun watching her younger cousins play the games. Keira had 3 sticks of cotton candy, bag of popcorn and a caramel apple, then picked out a pumpkin and helped Mommy and Nana load all the pumpkins into the van.
We went back to Nana Papa’s where we had a huge feast, of which Keira had a salad.
Then we carved pumpkins. I helped Keira dig out the pumpkin, but she 100% carved the pumpkin all by herself – both sides. (It’s funny, out of all 12 grandchildren ranging in age between 5 and 24, Keira is the only one allowed to handle a sharp knife.)
After pumpkin carving the kids went inside with Nana for ice cream and cake – Keira emptied an entire container of chocolate sprinkles on her ice cream.

We were out of donuts. We didn’t go to Nana Papa’s. It was weird.
Keira and Mommy went to Shaw’s. Keira and Daddy went to Dollar Tree. At Dollar Tree Keira got a mirror and a compact. Daddy made tacos for dinner. Mommy did a terrible job cutting Keira’s bangs and now everyone is in bed.