How I edit a video 1 I bring…

How I edit a video:
1) I bring the video into my editor program.
2) I skim the video in a controlled ‘high speed’.
3) I cut out the parts I don’t need.
4) click Make Movie
Steps 1-4 take all of 10 minutes TOPS
5) Name the movie and While the program creates an uploadable version on the movie, I:
a) I practice my forms
b) I get a cookie
c) scratch butt
d) stair at the laptop
e) Pop open a Smirnoff Ice
f) do forms again
g) look for coaster
h) go to the bathroom
i) check to see how much longer it’s going to take to process the movie
j) find that we still have chips YAY!
k) twiddle thumbs
l) learn a new word in Korean
This part takes anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes and I’m not doing anything. This is the LONGEST part of creating the videos and I’m doing Nothing!
6) Upload video to Youtube
This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to all night – again I’m doing Nothing to the video at this time.
However, while a video is uploading to YouTube I can do steps 1 – 5 again.

Sometimes an answer requires an explanation I was…

Sometimes an answer requires an explanation
I was at Lowes this morning and the conversation went like this:

Me: I need 2 cinderblocks.
Salesmen: What kind?
Me: Dumb look “The generic kind with 2 holes?”
Salesmen: Smiles politely “What are you going to use them for”
Me: Oh! Breaking.
Salesmen: Dumb look
Me: motioned a palm strike
Salesman: Dumb look did not leave his face as he walked backwards in the gated area and picked up a cinderblock.
Me: That’s perfect. I’ll take 2!
It didn’t occur to me until I was loading the blocks into the truck that he probably thought I was going to break the cinderblocks with my palm strike – since he did not know I have 12″X12″ boards at home to put across the blocks to be broken.
In reality I got the cinderblocks to practice my ax kick. In the split second I had to think I figured imitating an ax kick would be more confusing than mimicking a palm strike and in doing so I led the man to believe I was going to break cinderblocks with hands.
The poor man looked very confused as I walked away.