Possible Post for StuckAtHomeMom com Anyone else afraid…

Possible Post for StuckAtHomeMom.com
Anyone else afraid of IQ drain caused by listening to Sarah Palin?
I am one of the least intelligent people I know. If you have read any of my previous posts I don’t have to tell you that I have terrible spelling, my grammar / punctuation skills are non-existent and quite literally I have no education to speak of, sometimes even I’m surprised that I can form a sentence. I hate history, politics, and just reading in general. Flashing lights hold my attention. Do you understand?!?!?
I can afford to listen to Palin, I can’t afford the IQ drain.
Palin Quote “What Barack Obama seems to want to do is go back to before those days when we were in different classes based on income, based on color of skin.”
She does realize that Obama is BLACK – right? Or at least half of him is, but regardless he’s black enough that he’d be on the lower end of the classes. Unless Obama wants to put Whites at the lower end, however HALF of him is WHITE! So he’d be screwed either way.
I mean we already know he likes gays and Hispanics, he nominated one to become a judge. And “Radical Islamic” isn’t exactly a race or class – so that can’t be it.
I have a day dream of become a Billionaire and buying Fox news. In my day dream I walk into their head quarters and hand the keys over to either the Huffington post or The Daily Show – haven’t figured out which one I trust more. BUT my one request is that they stop any and all coverage of any Palin on the planet unless they die!
Can’t you hear Brian Williams “Today billionaire eDee Bruns hand full control of the Fox News Network over to John Steward” then Brian’s voice drops just a little so you …. assume he’s joking …… “under the stipulation of a Full Media Black Out of Sarah Palin” and he’ll add “Mrs. Bruns, I‘m looking into the cost of the NBC Nightly news – I‘ll get back to you.”
And the entire nation would wonder if Mr. Williams had just made a joke or if aliens had taken over his mind.
I think we need a slogan – I’m terrible with these, give me a hand – something like “Prevent Irreversible Brain Damage – MUTE Palin”
“MUTE Palin – because your mind is terrible thing to waste”
“This is your Brain. This is your Brian on Palin” sizzle “Any Questions?”

Friends I’m calling in favors You know all…

Friends, I’m calling in favors!
You know all those times I’ve:
1) purchased Boy Scout popcorn
2) donated bottles and cans
3) purchased $10 gift wrap to support your school
4) sponsored your child in:
Reading for Cure,
Jump Roping for Heart Disease,
Pennies for Haiti,
Walking for Literacy,
Cans for Hunger
5) and whatever clothing drive or church yard sale where you needed a donation and then I had to go and purchase something!
Well, Riley Joined Brownies! And it’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!
A box of Girl Scout Cookies is $3.50.
Don’t live near me?
Not a problem, you can make a “Donation” and I will order the cookies and take the cookies to a local shelter or Boys & Girls Club right here in Cumberland County, Maine.
NOTE: Placing an order here today will make a donation of Girl Scout cookies to a local Boys & Girls Club or shelter in Cumberland County, Maine. You Will Not Receive Cookies.

Thank You for your Donation.


Dear Governor and Republican Representatives Let me set…

Dear Governor and Republican Representatives,
Let me set the stage for you.
I grew up in a house where my father got up every morning before dawn and headed off to work. He worked over time and side jobs to support 3 healthy children and his wife.
Most of my adult life I have worked multiple jobs and over time and I have Never missed an opportunity to pay my taxes, because that is the way I was raised.
My husband started working on lobster boats when he was 15 and ever since he has worked multiple jobs, side jobs and over time and has always filed a return.
When our first child was born, I cut back to part time work and my husband picked up the slack. When our second child was born, I stopped working to care for our children and my husband picked up the slack.
Our second child has special needs, she requires constant care and supervision.
We have always had insurance and we still do, however some of our daughters care is not covered in our plan.
I have paid for government benefits, which others have received, for most of my adult life. My husband has not only paid for government benefits, which others have received, for nearly 40 years, he is still working and paying for those benefits, so can you Please Explain to me WHY we must pay $70 a month to receive benefits that others receive for Free?
We have paid for these benefits, not once, not twice, but now a Third Time – while others receive the same benefits at no cost.

We are Not More Deserving.
We should Not be put ahead of others who have not paid for these benefits.

But We Should Received the Same Benefits WithOUT any extra cost.

The alternative – if I divorce my husband, I will not only receive the same benefits, but at no cost, I can also receive Social Security Disability for my child and child support and my husband and I can continue to live in the same house as roommates.
Moreover, I’m relatively sure I suffer from the same condition as my daughter, but not as severe and if diagnosed I could also receive Social Security Disability.
Dear Governor and Republican Representatives,
Why should we continue to pay the fees when we can collect so much more and pay nothing at all?