elf ears

Elf Yourself! Free Fairy/Elf Crochet Ear Pattern


– Size E (3.25mm) crochet hook

– About 50 yards skintone yarn or whatever color matches your intended use


Fairy Elf Ears (Make 2)

NOTE: Use a bobby pin to mark the LAST stitch made of each round! This is important because this ear is designed to curve a bit and does not follow a standard pattern of increasing and decreasing. I catch just the outer most loop of the stitch so I don’t stretch the stitch of the piece and leave any gaps. We want these ears worked TIGHTLY. MARK THE ROUNDS!

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amigurumi star pattern

I’ve had quite a few requests for a pattern for these amigurumi stars. So here it is, in time to make lots before Christmas! They look cute with or without a face, and can be used for a variety of things. You could make them in different sizes, add a hanging loop or keyring, string them together to make a garland, or use them as bowl fillers, decorations, or stocking stuffers.

**Thanks to Arte Friki for the Spanish translation and video**

• small amount of yarn
• small amount of stuffing
• (optional) 6mm beads or safety eyes and black thread

• ch = chain
• sc = single crochet
• sl st = slip stitch
• st = stitch

I used medium (worsted) weight yarn and a 3.5 mm (E) crochet hook, to make a star that is about 5 cm / 2″ wide. However, the pattern will work with any yarn weight.

This amigurumi star is made by crocheting 2 flat star shapes, and sewing them together back to back. Work in the round, without joining the rounds.

Start with a magic ring, or ch 2 and work in the first chain.

1. 5 sc in a circle.
2. 2 sc in each sc around. (10 sc)
3. (3 sc in next sc, sl st in next sc) 5 times. (20 sts)
4. (sc in next st, 3 sc in next st, sc in next st, sl st in next st) 5 times. (30 sts)
5. (skip next st, sc in next st, 5 sc in next st, sc in next st, skip next st, sl st in next st) 5 times. (40 sts)

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing, and finish off. Make 2 star-shaped pieces, and sew them together back to back, with a bit of stuffing inside.

If you want to add a kawaii face, sew 2 black beads on for eyes, and add a small black mouth.

Yarn: Chunky acrylic,
Hook: 6.5mm/US K

Special Stitches:

Puff stitch: *yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch and draw yarn through stitch* three times (7 loops on hook). Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. Chain 1 to lock.

Cluster stitch: *yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops* 4 times (5 loops on hook). Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook.

Treble stitch (trbl): Yarn over hook twice, insert hook into next stitch. Yarn over hook and draw yarn through stitch (4 loops on hook). Pull yarn through two loops (3 loops remaining on hook). Yarn over and draw through two loops (2 loops remaining). Yarn over and draw through the last two loops on hook.

Round 1: With color A
Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch, or make a magic circle. Chain 3 to count as the first double crochet and work 15 more double crochet stitches into the ring. Join with a slip stitch to top of beginning chain 3. (16 double crochet stitches in total) Fasten off.
Note: Standard crochet technique is as stated, though I actually started with an initial ch2, and then 16dc into ring as I prefer to hide the chain as much as possible, and it works!

Round 2: With color B
Attach color B with a slip stitch to any dc, chain 1. Puff stitch in same stitch and in each dc around. Join with a slip stitch to first puff stitch. (16 puff stitches in total) Fasten off.
Round 3: With color C
Attach color C with a slip stitch in the chain 1 space of any puff stitch, chain 2, (cluster stitch, chain 2) in the same space and in each chain 1 spaces around. Join with a slip stitch to top of first cluster stitch. (16 cluster stitches in total) Fasten off.
Round 4: With color A (In this round we will turn our sunburst rounds into squares, so hold on tight!)

Attach color A with a slip stitch to any chain 2 space. Chain 4 to count as the first treble stitch and then crochet two treble stitches in the same space, ch3 and crochet 3 more treble stitches into same space to form first corner. (corner is: 3tr, ch3, 3tr). Now crochet the side: *3 dc in the next chain 2 space, 3 hdc in the next chain 2 space and 3 dc in the next chain 2 space*. Now crochet another corner, another side, another corner and another side, and another corner and side. Join with a slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain 4.

(Note: I’m always breakin’ the rules, so honestly I made a ch3 instead of the standard ch4 as I found the ch4 to be a bit too wobbly looking.)

If you’d like to use this square to make a blanket, I’d recommend using the fourth round as the way in which the squares are joined, but you’ll have to google “join squares as you go” for a tutorial.

Now go have fun playing around with the sequence of your colors in this square to see what works and what doesn’t! (Hint there were two more color ways that I actually crocheted, one is already worked up into hand warmers, and the other will be torn out as it just didn’t look great, but more on that soon.)


The Granny Flower Square


dc – double crochet
tr – treble crochet
sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
sp – space

Instructions in parenthesis [ ] are repeated the required number of times. Join new colours with a sl st. Start each round with a ch 3 or chain less dc unless otherwise stated. US terms are used throughout.

Foundation Ch 4 and join with a sl st to form a ring

Round 1 work 12 dc into the ring.

Round 2 work 2 dc into each space between the stitches from the previous round.

Round 3 work 3 dc into the spaces between each pair of stitches from the previous round.

Round 4 starting in any sp ch 4, 2 tr, ch 2, 3 tr in the same sp (corner made), [3 dc in next sp] x2, *3 tr, ch 2, 3 tr in the next sp, [3 dc in the next sp] x2* work from *to* 2 more times and join with a sl st to beginning ch 3.

In no time at all you could have a whole pile of gorgeous granny flower squares…

pin without pinning

To place it in front of the player, I’d do this:
X = Player.x + cos(player.angle)*offset
Y = Player.y + sin(player.angle)*offset
You can put it behind the player using subtraction instead, and you can swap sin and cos for x and y to put it beside them.
This is also basically how you would pin objects to an object without the Pin behavior.

How to open a 3D image in Blender: https://all3dp.com/2/blender-fbx-import-files/

Construct 3 stuff



C3 Tutorials


Good open it
Meaning: You can open this without destroying it, please open this.

Take the fan off OR Take off the fan
Meaning: turn off the fan.
(The fan is in the window beside Keira’s chair at the kitchen table. She doesn’t like the fan blowing on her while she eats.)

Last nights dream

I was part of a group in some war-torn country. I don’t know what we were doing, but Adam Savage from MythBusters was leading our elite team.

I have no idea what my presence brought to the team, since I have no outstanding talent other than a mild ability to MacGyver, but my skills were so necessary that I left my children to go into harms ways to execute this job.

But the most unbelievable part of this dream was I Slept On The Ground!!
And I went willing to a place with 1 Shower for 8 people!! And NO NEWS in English.

I don’t wake up in the morning without a shower and the morning News. Some people have coffee, I have the Today Show. 🤣🤣

Math Shit


Scrapbooking again



Digital Scrapbooking Studio (CU)

Didn’t find anything, but they are all CU

Some interesting fonts: https://misstiina.com/fonts/go/freefonts/

Whoopie Pies

Betty Crocker Super Moist Devils food mix.
(Don’t use chocolate fudge)

Use Tablespoon measuring spoon for each cake.

Spray sheet with Pam cooking spray, not alternative. Nothing for high heat – makes them flat.

For smaller chunkier cakes use half a teaspoon for each cake. Then people don’t feel guilty about having 2!

Scooby Doo theme song lyrics

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
We got some work to do now
Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
We need some help from you now

Come on Scooby Doo, I see you
Pretending you got a sliver
But you’re not fooling me, ’cause I can see
The way you shake and shiver

You know we got a mystery to solve
So, Scooby Doo, be ready for your act
Don’t hold back

And, Scooby Doo, if you come through
You’re gonna have yourself a Scooby Snack
That’s a fact

Scooby Dooby Doo, here are you
You’re ready and you’re willing
If we can count on you, Scooby Doo
I know we’ll catch that villain

Algebra with Riley

Get ready for Algebra 1

Algebra 1

6th grade
Unit: Arithmetic operations

Just stuff I need to learn:

Factors, multiples and patterns

4th grade
Unit: Equivalent fractions and comparing fractions

4th grade
Unit: Addition, subtraction, and estimation

4th grade
Unit: Multiply fractions

Combining like terms: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/x2f8bb11595b61c86:foundation-algebra/x2f8bb11595b61c86:combine-like-terms/v/combining-like-terms-3