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A-Frame Spinosaurus for VR/AR
The code for the Spinosaurus!/xr-spinosaurus?path=index.html%3A11%3A4

Construct 3 Keyboard Shortcuts


See also: Event Sheet View

Ctrl + L or Shift + S Go to associated layout (if any – event sheets only used via includes have no associated layout)

Ctrl + F Open Find dialog to search through events

Ctrl + Home Go to top of sheet

Ctrl + End Go to bottom of sheet

F2 Toggle bookmark at selected event

Ctrl + F2 Go to next bookmark in project

Shift + F2 Go to previous bookmark in project

F3 Toggle breakpoint

🡑 and 🡓 Move the selection up and down the event sheet

🡐 and 🡒 Move the selection sideways between Events, Conditions and Actions

- Insert event above

+ Insert event below

A Add action

B Add blank subevent

C Add condition

D Toggle selected items disabled

E Add event below

Shift + E Add event above

F Add function

G Add group

I Invert selected conditions

J Add script (script block if event selected, or script action if action selected)

Shift + J Add script action (regardless of selection)

N Add include

P Add parameter to function

R Replace object

Q Add comment (block comment if event selected, or action comment if action selected)

Shift + Q Add action comment (regardless of selection)

S Add subevent

V Add variable

X Add ‘Else’ event following selected event

Y Toggle ‘Or’ block


Ctrl + X Cut

Ctrl + C Copy

Ctrl + V Paste

Ctrl + Drag with mouse left button Duplicate

Ctrl + Z Undo

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