Mason Jar Herb Garden http pinterest com pin…

Mason Jar Herb Garden
chalkboard paint eggs
Laundry basket dresser!!!
Hanging Gutter Garden
ladybug garden rocks

Garden Rocks for Grandma

Tons of mason jar stuff, but I like the planters
Recycling glasses: video tutorial
Penny desk
vegetable garden ideas
Grow your own moss
Bowling Ball Bugs
easy screen printing
weaving your own basket
origami stars

giant pet!
How to make a Wire Heart Finger Ring
Halloween Costume

Christmas tree The makedo Christmas Tree is a…

Christmas tree. The makedo Christmas Tree is a modern-day interpretation that will give your festive season some serious Eco credentials. All you need is a makedo KIT for THREE and some reclaimed cardboard.
Skeleton made of milk jugs
growth chart.
How to make a book
box template Take out box
DIY Screenprint

Vertical Herb Garden http pinterest com pin 166422148700369376…

Vertical Herb Garden
Hanging garden. I saw something similar on Pinterest but I couldn’t figure out what materials they used. So I made this myself out of rain gutters! The DIY posted some specialty hardware that I couldn’t find, so I used 1′ lengths of chain, S hooks, and I hooks.
Extremely cute owl pillow boxes.
“just in case” survival kit from mexico – smart design!
101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials
Chalk board plant pots,default,pd.html
Planter Medium No 12 Recycled Billboard Banner by NottyPooch
DIY Cement planters
Tipsy Pot Plant Tower
painted jars
Heart Ring
pebble pillows!

Smarin Design- Livingstones Pebble Pillows

Decorate wine bottles and others with a glue gun and paint