Algebra with Riley

Get ready for Algebra 1

Algebra 1

6th grade
Unit: Arithmetic operations

Just stuff I need to learn:

Factors, multiples and patterns

4th grade
Unit: Equivalent fractions and comparing fractions

4th grade
Unit: Addition, subtraction, and estimation

4th grade
Unit: Multiply fractions

Combining like terms:

Rehearse with Riley what they are to say…

Rehearse with Riley what they are to say if she is sexually harassed.
To help her prepared for it if it happens again.
This morning Riley and I went over things like:

  • You do not have to be alone with a Principal or a teacher.
  • You can insist on friends being present when speaking with a teacher or principal. (Insist Vanessa be one of those friends)
  • You can say “Stop Sexualizing Children.”

“I don’t feel safe with you.” “Stop Sexually Harassing Me!”

  • Taekwondo is only acceptable if someone touches you.
  • Never be disrespectful. You can respectfully disable a harasser.

School starts in 20 minutes. Lets see how it goes.

This is the top Riley wore to school…

This is the top Riley wore to school and was told to change her top today because her shirt made the Female Principal and Female Teacher uncomfortable (Those are the Principals words that were said to me! – Not second hand from my daughter.) #MeToo
Per the Principal, Riley did NOT break any dress code rule. She was sent to the office and told to change because the top made the Principal and a Teacher uncomfortable. (Both Female)
Riley said, I should have just taken it off – it would have made them REALLY Uncomfortable if I had started walking around in just my bra! lol

How my morning started Riley was told to…

How my morning started:
Riley was told to change her shirt because the Teacher was uncomfortable with what my daughter was wear.
I told my daughter to return to class.
Ripped into the principal who thinks if a girls outfit makes her uncomfortable she has the right to make a girl change.