Last nights dream

I was part of a group in some war-torn country. I don’t know what we were doing, but Adam Savage from MythBusters was leading our elite team.

I have no idea what my presence brought to the team, since I have no outstanding talent other than a mild ability to MacGyver, but my skills were so necessary that I left my children to go into harms ways to execute this job.

But the most unbelievable part of this dream was I Slept On The Ground!!
And I went willing to a place with 1 Shower for 8 people!! And NO NEWS in English.

I don’t wake up in the morning without a shower and the morning News. Some people have coffee, I have the Today Show. 🤣🤣

Lasts Night I had a Dream that I…

Lasts Night I had a Dream that I stopped over to Jean Esposito’s for something. When I got there her mother motioned me into the kitchen to try their fresh baked cheesecake. I walked into the kitchen, Jean hands me a plate with a piece of cheesecake and Jeans Mum asks “Do you want Purple, Red or Green Jello on that?”
I Made the Face You’re Making Now!!!
I said “Jello on Cheesecake?”
Jean’s Mum replied with “You look like a Purple Jello person” as she took an ice cream scoop and carved into a large bowl of Purple Jello and plopped it on my cheesecake. Jean sprayed on some whipped cream and handed me a fork – as if this was Normal!
I was standing there holding my plate of cheesecake with purple jello and whipped cream when Cheyenne smacked the counter and said “You know what this is missing? Rainbow Jimmies!!”
Cheesecake Jello

Last Night’s Dream Rachel Flehinger myself and another…

Last Night’s Dream
Rachel Flehinger, myself and another woman were on a platform in the middle of a calm ocean inlet working as judges for some reality TV show.
When filming was over we were relaxing on the platform – which was like those you would see kids diving off of on a lake – when we realized very dark clouds were overhead and we needed to get off the platform.
Rachel called for whoever was hired to come get us and then everything went weird.
The guy came on what looked like a windsurfing board fashioned out of driftwood. No sail, just another piece of driftwood sticking up from the front. The Windsurfer was to take use to a boat docked in the ocean.
Rachel, trying to make the best of things, kept saying “It’s going to be fine” as she, I and a woman twice the size of Rachel and I combined, attempted to figure out how we were all going to fit on the driftwood windsurf board.
I happened to look down into the water where I saw HUGE skeletons. Like the white bleached out skeletons you see of bulls in desert movies EXCEPT These were of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh and the skull alone was the size of a giant size of a large Yoga Ball!!! Then there were EAR BONES that outlined where the ears would have been.
I grabbed Rachel’s wrist and pulled her back on the platform.
I told her this was ridiculous! We were likely to drown and get struck by lightening if we even attempted to all get on that stupid surf board.
Rachel did that thing where she flares out her hands at waist level and gives you the look that means “Well, what else is there?” without actually saying it.
At this point the wind was blowing so hard that I was yelling over it and trying to keep my balance on the platform.
Me: Look, the water is only knee deep. It can’t be more than 200 feet to shore. We’d have better luck walking to shore and avoiding whatever it was that ATE the GIANT PIGLETS!
But as I said that the teen boy who had been helping the guy who came to get us on the Windsurfer was suddenly dragged under by something that bumped up against the platform – hard!
Rachel: We are not going to be that things mid-day meal! It ate Giant Piglet! And the cabin boy!!
Me: Fine! (I yell over the howling wind) We’ll find away to detach this platform from it’s mooring …. then use the table clothe as a sail and sail our way into shore.
Rachel: We can’t steer the platform.
Me: We don’t need to. We just need to make it to land before lightening strikes. It doesn’t matter where we port as long as we make it to land!
At that point we realize that windsurfer and other woman had left us so we were down to risk being eaten or sail to shore.
I unhooked the 4 sides of the platform from the moorings. Rachel and I each grabbed 2 ends of the table clothe and wrapped a leg each around one the platforms 4 posts and away we went.
Then the alarm went off – I don’t know if we ever made it to shore!! However, we’re still here so I’m assuming we did!
(SIDE NOTE: According to Google the past tense of drag is dragged, not drug. Who knew!)

Last night I dreamt I moved into a…

Last night I dreamt I moved into a 2 story family house. Big front porch. All finished. There was a hallway that ran along the front of the house between the living room and the stairs so you didn’t have to walk back through the entire house to get to the staircase to go up stairs. We were almost moved in when I went into the bathroom to put stuff away when one of the girls went running through the hallway behind the bathroom the one that ran from the living room to the stairs. And that’s when I realized the bathroom didn’t have a back wall, it just opened into the hallway. It had a door on the side where you entered from the kitchen, but the bathroom was entirely open to the hallway. I just stood there watching Keira run back and forth from the stairs to the living room thinking “this is what they meant by open family style bathroom.”