Lasts Night I had a Dream that I…

Lasts Night I had a Dream that I stopped over to Jean Esposito’s for something. When I got there her mother motioned me into the kitchen to try their fresh baked cheesecake. I walked into the kitchen, Jean hands me a plate with a piece of cheesecake and Jeans Mum asks “Do you want Purple, Red or Green Jello on that?”
I Made the Face You’re Making Now!!!
I said “Jello on Cheesecake?”
Jean’s Mum replied with “You look like a Purple Jello person” as she took an ice cream scoop and carved into a large bowl of Purple Jello and plopped it on my cheesecake. Jean sprayed on some whipped cream and handed me a fork – as if this was Normal!
I was standing there holding my plate of cheesecake with purple jello and whipped cream when Cheyenne smacked the counter and said “You know what this is missing? Rainbow Jimmies!!”
Cheesecake Jello