I must be on Every Scam email list…

I must be on Every Scam email list in the WORLD!
Subject: Parcel Number#: AH109274
From: “Heather Robinson”
Your Inheritance conformable cheque of $620,000 USD, has been deposited with FEDEX COURIER (WEST AFRICA) with parcel number AH109274. I have traveled out of the country till September. I have paid for the Insurance and mailing charge, you are required to pay the keeping fee of $150 USD only, that is all that will be required from you. They have said, I should not pay for the security fees, as they are not aware when you will be contacting as regard the delivery.
Do contact FedEx as below with your Name, Address, telephone number so that they can confirm your address and commence delivery to you. Find fedex information below
Organization: FEDEX Center – West Africa
Contact Person: Hassan Yusuf (Dr.)
Email Address: diplomatonline@zbavitu.net
Telephone: +234 703 229 3868