This is so disturbing I’ll be honest I…

This is so disturbing.
I’ll be honest, I rarely discipline my children – I ‘talk’ them into obedience.
I get them to mind by making them spend countless hours with me.
Will ‘Hot Sauce Mom’ be found guilty of child abuse?
Remember hot sauce mom, aka Anchorage mom Jessica Beagley?
TODAY Moms first wrote about Beagley in January, when she was facing child abuse charges after the “Dr. Phil” show aired video of her punishing her 7-year-old adopted son for lying by putting hot sauce in his mouth and forcing him into a cold shower.
In the court of public opinion, Beagley’s action put a bad taste in people’s mouths. In a poll of more than 3,000 TODAY Moms readers, 69 percent considered “hot saucing” abusive. (31 percent said it was an acceptable discipline tool.)
Now Beagley, a mother of six children, is in a real court, on trial for misdeaneor child abuse charges.
What do you think? Will Beagley be found guility of child abuse? What do you think about the practice of hot-saucing?
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I have interviewed people over the years…

“I have interviewed people over the years who have gone through this treatment,” he said. “And even the ones who claim that they are no longer gay, when you really push them, they will admit that every day they still have the fantasies, they still have the thoughts. They just are forcing themselves not to act on what appears to be their natural inclination … it’s also based on this notion that this is somehow a choice, which there’s no evidence of.” ~Anderson Cooper
A “Good” Christian will tell you “Sex Offenders also must fight off urges and fantasies because abusing is within their nature. And that Men must fight off urges and fantasies to “take up” with a woman who is not his wife because that is within his nature – but The Bible tells us {insert favorite misinterpreted scripture here} bla bla bla.”
I can argue either side and I see flaws with both arguments – but the truth is, there is No Cure. Regardless of your feelings on the subject Gays are not hurting anyone. They are productive members of our world, raise wonderful happy well adjusted children and they are not going anywhere.
My God never taught anyone to hate – Love One Another.
If you’re going to quote scripture, don’t forget 1st John 4 7&8 (look it up).
A “Good” Christian will say “Oh you’re taking this wrong, I don’t hate anyone.” 1 John 3:18 Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
Do you see the path in front of you?
If your path leads you to justify the words “I don‘t hate anyone” {words I’ve had to eat} I can tell you from experience, you may need to reexamine your path.