My dream from last night Charity Carlson Hirst…

My dream from last night.
Charity Carlson Hirst and I were working in a factory, very happily working in a factory. Then we started to notice people from our passed showing up and the factory turned into a kind of revival, but this revival gave me the heebie jeebies and I grew up Pentecostal – so that‘s saying something.
Anyway, Charity and I started to make our way to the back of the building to make our escape when I caught the gaze of Amanda Carlson and a “What the Hell” look (and as Amanda reads this she is making that look!). So I nudged Charity with my elbow and some how I just knew she was going to cause a diversion to get Amanda out. Suddenly something happened on the other side of the room and Amanda was beside us and we ran for it.
The rest of the dream was sitting around with a bunch of other folks from our passed, laughing until we cried. A few attending: Judy Carlson, Tina Coley Richardson, Julie Williams, Rachel Carlson, Shannon Carlson, Melissa Sturgeon Nowak, Carrie Sturgeon. Along with Jessica & Jamie Tellarini, Pam Fuller Richardson – it was nice to see you all again, we should do it in reality sometime. And I WOKE UP before Stephanie Thompson Heatley got there – OF COURSE!