Last nights dream I can’t remember if I…

Last nights dream.
I can’t remember if I saved the guys life or saved him from getting scammed, but the guy, who was the owner of a Web TV Show gave me a job as the person in charge of the show.
The show was called “Change” And every season the actors did a different point in time in different areas of the world.
At this point they were doing the 70’s and they were shooting the 70’s in America. Next we were going to do the 70’s in Australia, then Japan. Most of the cast were young spoiled teenagers who were kept under strict rule of a house mother who we all hated.
We all lived in one building and would drive to wherever we were filling together – with all the unruly teenagers.
I also had a part in the series, but I can’t remember what and since I’m not an actress I can’t image I was going to be good at it.