Another bizarre dream Last night I dreamt that…

Another bizarre dream
Last night I dreamt that my brother in law was becoming the next big pop star. Like everything else he was very laid back about it, except there was some freak stalking him. ANYWAY, he was performing at the fair grounds for a charity benefit and we were going to bring the girls to see him. For some reason we decided we’d need help with Keira, so one of her teachers (John) was coming with us and as a strange twist John had signed with the same label, but hadn’t gotten as popular as my BIL.
We went to pick up John on our way to the fair and I saw someone outside of his building climbing up to his apartment – and suddenly I went from “mild mannered mom” to some cross between Jessica Fletcher and a Ninja.
…. and at that point Keira woke me up …. so disappointing.